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  • Rmundon

    Is there any way to snooze emails that aren't in your inbox? The option to snooze seems to disappear outside of the inbox.

    For example, to prevent my "starred" list from getting long an overwhelming, I would like to "snooze" and email thread and "unstar" the message so it comes up later.


  • Ben Gotow

    Hey! Right now it's not possible to snooze emails from other folders / labels, or from the starred view. I'll see if we can add that in the future though!

  • Dustin Krysak

    Suggestion, when pressing the keyboard shortcut to snooze, it would be great if you could select the action via the keyboard. Right now if you trigger via the keyboard, you then need to grab the mouse to complete (or type out your time, etc.). Could be nice even to be able to assign direct shortcuts to things like "later," "tomorrow," etc.

  • Vineet Nair

    Hi, are there any updates? The Snooze or reminders should come for all emails. They only come for the ones in the Inbox which is really not useful for business users who may have different folders to track their emails from clients. Beats the purpose of subscribing to Mailspring altogether.

  • Joni Korpi

    I'm used to be able to "re-snooze" emails that are already snoozed, so +1 for being able to snooze outside the inbox.

  • Kal Kaercher

    Is it possible to change the default snooze time? 

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