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  • Bjorn Toft Madsen

    I can create shortcuts that goes "X then Y", by pressing two keys, one after another.

    But how do I create alternative shortcuts, like "X, Y" (i.e. X or Y)?

  • Son Ngo

    Have the same question as Bjorn and would love an answer to that!

  • Nick Williams

    @bjorn and @son: I found this page while searching for a way to do exactly that. I ended up figuring it out by experimenting. All you have to do is use an array instead of a string when editing the keymap.json file directly:


    1. Open the actual key binding "keymap.json" config file (click on the "Edit custom shortcuts" button at the bottom of the "Shortcuts" tab in the settings to open the folder containing this file).
    2. Find the key binding you want to change (if it isn't there, set it to something different in the UI and then go back to the file).
    3. Change the string value to an array of strings and add as many entries as you want.
    4. Boom!
  • Son Ngo

    This works perfectly! Thanks Nick!

  • sophia red

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  • Kiya Rony

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