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Uninstalling Mailspring



  • StvnW


    Here are a number of other locations where you may find files left behind by Mailspring:

        ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/Mailspring_<UUID>.plist
        ~/Library/Saved Application State/com.mailspring.mailspring.savedState
        /private/var/folders/.../Mailspring Crashes

    Users uninstalling Mailspring may wish to use the 'find' command in Terminal to locate these and potentially others:

        sudo find / -iname '*mailspring*'

  • Decisiveliberty

    Have sent several emails on this topic and it becoming a bothersome issue -- ESPECIALLY SINCE MY EMAILS ARE NOT RECEIVING ANY RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!

    I have deleted my MailSpring ID a while ago and I am STILL keep getting tapped for monthly payments on my credit card. We are told via your KB that paid subscriptions will terminate once the ID is deleted -- my experience says otherwise...

    Who do I need to speak to to get this corrected?
    Has to be going on to 6 months...
    I have no trust in your company to be honest and forthwith....

  • coal kolivas


    At least have a Paid support email ,    Now i understand why

    this email platform is not ranked #1    .


    Your not even on the top 10 Lists ,   and yet you have a great product but without

    support it looses so much.

    Please advise. 


  • Decisiveliberty

    coal kolivas - dump this company, we ditched them nearly a year ago, they kept taking payments despite multiple attempts to contact them, payments only stopped when we finally notified our bank to block them. No refund, no communication, nada. They care not less save for the money coming in - they are a bunch of losers. We have notified all our followers (50,000+ combined) of our experiences and warned them to stay away from these thieves. Even Shopify tried to stop payments (where they host their sales site), but they continued taking my money.

  • coal kolivas

    I just do not understand why no one will respond,   

    Thank you for the Tip on the Bank Block

    I have over 20 employees and I was hoping to get everyone on board but 

    there is not contact email , no support email .

    Im struggling with the program always knocking out my gmail accounts..

    Who do use now,  I was using newton and we loved it but now I tried Post Box but they dont have read email receipt .  UGH

    Im lost as to who to use. 

  • Mike

    You can try Mailbird Business. They are the closest i've come to the features in mailspring.


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