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Configuring your notifications



  • Ammar Muhammad

    Hello there! What a real amazing software for Linux. good job guys and i will pay for the pro subscription once i get the money. I have a small problem guys. I can't enable "display unread emails count on the app's icon" thing. how can i fix it? plus, I can't reply to, archive, snooze or delete a mail from the notification bar. is it made to get interactions or no?


  • Karmalakas

    Same here. Win10 x64. Notification appears and I hear a sound, but after a few seconds all is gone - no notifications and no count on tray icon :( No way to see if you have any mail if you missed the sound.

  • Adam Maxe


    I'm not receiving any notifications from the application icon, it remains looking exactly the same, i've taken a look at the settings but it says the amount of unread messages should appear on the icon.

    I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Zenit is properly installed.


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