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Authorizing Use with Yahoo



  • Ernesto ki Marino
    1. After "Click on "Account Security"
    2. I d'not see   "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" both at the beginning and at the bottom. 
    3. The last entry is Verification in two steps
    4. So I can not hook the Yahoo mail.
    5. I await your tips
  • Thomas Lutman

    This process is outdated.  Yahoo now requires a separately generated password and doesn't allow you to enable the lower security.

  • Zonked28

    Does this app even have customer service anymore? I sent a support ticket 70 days ago and it's still "Open" 
    all their social media networks seem to have been abandoned, too

  • Francisco Arnaldo G

    Im having problems login to ymail accounts, a made the apps password but don't works and the error message is empty. I try with two accounts

    whats going on?


  • rufopalliatus

    Hi, I'm having the same problem since may 6th, I generated my app password in yahoo but did not worked. I got the same server connection error but  my log just send me to the page were i generated my app password.


    Important: Yahoo requires that you create a unique app password for email apps like Mailspring. Follow this instructions to create one and then paste it below.


    Hope you can help us to solve this problem.



  • Francisco Arnaldo G

    Has version 1.7.7-71504f2c this issue was solved!

  • rufopalliatus

    Hi Francisco, I was using version 1.7.6-e94bb759, today I updated to version 1.7.7-71504f2c and the problem is solve.


    Thank you very much



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